We've got the market cornered.

Odd shapes? No problems!

Got a room that is impossible to furnish properly without losing lots of space? Try a corner. We offer seating arrangements with corners you can actually sit on, or with extra footstools to create a sociable u-shape. We've corners for snuggling up in or for sprawling out or dozing on. In fact, we even offer several corner unit options with intergrated sofa beds and/or storage. Clever stuff!

Things to think about

Corner seating arrangements just became fun. So many options, depending on your lifestyle, budget, tastes and aspirations. In fact, you don't even need a corner to show your new piece off - it can sit in the middle of the room and be admired from all angles. The trick is to select something that will suit the proportions of your space. Too big and bulky and it will dominate. Too small and it will look lost. Low works well if you want to keep sleek lines. Higher backed always works well in corners or to help create a specific 'zone' in a large a room. As always, advice is on hand, so let us know what you like and we'll help you out.

Low sleek corners

European designed contemporary corners tend to be low, sleek, cool and sculpted. We've a choice of styles and loads of fabric and leathers to select from, these are a hugely popular purchase - especially for open plan family rooms.

Sofa bed corner unit

Brilliance! A sofa bed in a corner unit. Standard & bespoke sizes. You choose the fabric, leather, cushion fillings and the frame dimensions. Starts at £995 for the Lullington corner with storage & from £2,395 for the Sherwood.

Bespoke corner units

Fancy a traditionally made, deep or high back corner unit arrangement? We'll work with you to create the style, size, look and finish you desire - starting at £3,500.